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​S.Shark Specification

  • Caliber: 4.5mm (.177)

  • Projectiles : Steel BBs

  • Inner barrel size: 4.46mm

  • Energy Source: 12g Co2 Capsule

  • Velocity: 320~340 FPS

  • Maximum Range: 50 Meters

  • Effective Range: 20 Meters

  • Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto

  • Polymer Grip

  • Metal Slide

  • Rate of Fire: Up to 800rds per minute

  • Magazine Capacity : 18 Rounds

  • Length 19cm(L) x 14.5cm(H) x 3cm(W)

  • Weight: 0.85kg includes magazine

1) Shooting performance of the gun is superb. S.Shark Pistol gives you an average 340 FPS using 0.36g steel ball.  Magazine capacity is 18 rounds. This pistol has full auto firing model. User can simply switch between Semi to Full Auto by selecting the firing mode on the slide.


2) S.Shark Pistol comes with precision full steel inner barrel.  Accuracy is almost guaranteed. Unlike other airgun pistol in the market that only comes with copper inner barrel.


3) As Ambidextrous design is getting important, especially there are more and more many left handers. So we designed a brand new safety switch that could be controllable by index finger. User can simply lift the switch up or down for safety off / on.


4) Straight / Flat Trigger is used. As told by many shooters, when using straight trigger, you don’t need to move your finger to the crest of the curved trigger when shooting, therefore, your finger can be lower on the trigger which increase mechanical advantages and make it feel like a lighter trigger pull. We agreed with them and made the trigger stroke adjustable too.


5) The trigger guard is enlarged. Somehow if your finger is big or you wore gloves, you couldn’t reach the trigger easily. When using our S.Shark Pistol, the trigger guard is enlarged so it allows you to pull the trigger more easy.


6) Ergonomic Grip Design. We understand that griping the pistol in comfort will improve the shooting accuracy. Therefore, we used ergonomic grip and added texture on the grip to make better control on the pistol.


7) To make it further comfortable in griping, the grip pad of this S.Shark Pistol is exchangeable. Standard packaging will comes with one thick and one thin pad allow user to change it as he wishes.


8) Stylish pistol design. We made the pistol front to be more associated. The front of the slide and the frame are matched in this pistol.


9) Built in Magwell. We understand user always wants a smooth and fast loading when shooting, so, we made a built in magwell inside the grip, so user could load the magazine fast.


10) Some customers prefer using Fiber Optic sight but some prefer traditional Notch sight. Well, why not both? Our new pistol used Fiber Optic in the front and Notch sight in the rear, so everyone is happy.


11) Heavy Duty Made. The nozzle head, sear, hammer unit, fire selector unit are all made by metal and steel, which provide further endurance against steel BB.


12) Dissembling and re-assembling is easy on this pistol.  User can simply remove the slide by punching out the middle main pin of the gun, maintenance and servicing for this pistol is friendly and easy.

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