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​Electric Airgun Specification

  • Caliber: 4.5mm (.177)

  • Projectiles : Steel BBs

  • Inner barrel size: 4.46mm

  • Energy Source: 11.1v Li Po Battery

  • Velocity: 320~340 FPS @ 0.32g Steel Ball

  • Maximum Range: 30 Meters

  • Effective Range: 15 Meters

  • Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Autox

  • Rate of Fire: Up to 450rds per minute

  • Magazine Capacity : 56 Rounds

  • Motor: Long Axis Super High Torque Motor

  • Gear Box: APS Custom made 32:1 Gear Box

  • Nozzle: APS Custom made metal nozzle

APS has long been famous in making 6mm AEG Airsoft Gun offering realistic external and huge variety. In 2020, APS will bring backyard plinker a good news – A Steel Ball Electric Gun shooting .177 / 4.5mm steel ball is coming in this year.

The body, the butt stock, the pictanny rails system and external accessories are aftermarket compatible. APS just customize the Gear box and magazine allowing the gun to feed 4.5mm Steel Ball. It is powerd by Li Po Battery with 3 Fire Selector model (Safe / Semi / Full Auto). Rate of Fire is depressed because of the high torque motor used. Inner Barrel is made of stainless steel treated with perfect alignment which improve accuracy when shooting. APS spent years overcoming many technical hurdles when making this unprecedented product. This new gun is expected to make a debut in 2020 and retail price will be more or less similar to AEG guns.

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